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DrugLord, a Dope Wars style door game
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With a large high-interest debt and the bank at your heels, you are forced to take it to the streets.

DrugLord is a Dope Wars style BBS door game for Synchronet: buy low, sell high, and take advantage of price fluctuations (purchase the daily newspapers for the inside scoop). Repay your debt at the bank's ATM machine as soon as possible. Increase your pocketspace to hold more items.


  • Random events that help or hinder you.
  • Price fluctuations and supply shortages occur that you can profit from.
  • Intense, captivating storyline (ok, that was a lie).
  • Zero-config InterBBS scores: scores show up in real time across all BBSes, no daily maintenance scripts and other crapola to fiddle with--yippee!
  • Ten drugs currently: there's something for everyone! Come get your fix.
  • Locales from London England.
  • Way more one-trick ponies!


Checking the prices in Camden Town.

Purchasing and perusing the daily news.

InterBBS "High" Scores!

Play it:

You can play the game on Fatcats BBS.

Download it:

Download the latest release: druglord-20130417.zip.

Check the contained README.txt and INSTALL.txt for instructions.

Coming soon:

  • Customizable location names.
  • More random events to help or hinder.
  • Even more one-trick ponies!

Remember kids: winners don't use drugs.