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FatFish, a fishing simulation door game
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The fishing simulation BBS door.

FatFish is a fishing simulation door game for Synchronet BBS systems.

FatFish is currently under beta test: you should not be running it, and there is no support. If you're feeling brave, check the download, official Synchronet CVS and git links below.


  • Dynamic screen sizes: any terminal size is supported. Larger resolutions create larger lakes, with more fish and interesting terrains.
  • Simulated AI fish: your chances of catching fish are not based on random luck. Fish are real objects, that swim around, move into their preferred depths, feed and decide to do things on their own accord. The fish act independent of what the player is doing (or not doing).
  • Depth: fish consider depths, go into preferred areas in lakes, and so on. Position yourself strategically.
  • Zero-config InterBBS: scores submitted to the central server. Gloat about "the big one" across boards! Sysops don't need to faff around with any BBS-side settings, configure QWK callouts or other annoyances. InterBBS scores show up in real-time: no need to wait hours/days for scores to sync periodically. Welcome to Y2K!
  • Way more one-trick ponies! Give it a whirl, and discover the forgotten glory that is textual fishing.


Random lake every game.

Larger terminal? No problem.
Larger terminal = larger lake = more fish.

Line cast, waiting for fish to bite.

Fish finder view.

Reeling a fish in.

Download it:

Download from cvs.synchro.net:

As of... erm, sometime in December 2012, fatfish has been committed to the cvs.synchro.net official repository. You can check it out under the 'xtrn' CVS module.

Coming soon:

  • Unique trophy fish.
  • More things to buy in the tackle and bait shop: various bait, etc..
  • Even more one-trick ponies!