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SyncHack is a multiplayer roguelike/nethack-style BBS world. You can check the progress on Fatcats BBS.


  • SyncHack message forum. You should register an account to post.
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions).
  • RFA (request for artwork), please submit artwork!
  • SyncHack wallpaper, based on k1's awesome logo!
  • The CHANGELOG can be viewed in SyncHack with the commands: @, c.

Latest update(s):

12 September 2013: Pharcyde BBS joins the fun! We're happy to announce that Pharcyde BBS has joined the closed beta MMO world.

3 May 2013: MMORPG SyncHack has arrived! We've been doing some testing and bugsquashing this week around the MMORPG features. Here's a screenshot of two users from different BBSes, on the global SyncHack server:

1 May 2013: A year's worth of updates in a few lines. For the past year or more, instead of updating the news on this page I have been committing changes to the SyncHack code repo. All updates to SyncHack can now be viewed here: http://trac.poorcoding.com/synchack/timeline.

Older news and more screenshots.

Key features:

  • More than multinode, it's an MMORPG: interact with other online users, not just on your BBS, but all BBSes running SyncHack. The world is global and users across BBSes can see and interact with each other.
  • Shell: access most areas of the traditional BBS (messages, QWK, file transfers, doors, etc).
  • Graphical: nethack/rogue style interface to remind you how old & outdated you really are.
  • Administration: string commands (i.e., ;LOG, ;UEDIT) are all available within SyncHack.
  • RPG elements: inventory, player attributes (HP, MP, experience, etc).
  • Items: get, drop and use items. Code items and reload them on-the-fly. They appear in real-time for all nodes: A can drop an Onion which B can pick up and eat.
  • Quests & Achievements: custom code quests and achievements for players.
  • NPCs: you move, they move, we all move!
  • Customization: modular and extensible. Customize everything: the maps, artwork, objects, and code. Use ECMA Javascript to access other doors, scripts, and API calls.
  • Nerdy: oh yes, my friends, SyncHack is nerdtacular! It combines elements of the traditional BBS with: roguelikes, ANSI artwork (driven by community artists' submissions), shells (integrated with Conch to give SyncHack players a basic unix-like environment to share documents, upload profile avatars, etc.) and object-oriented programming (Objects can be created, loaded on-the-fly, then shared with others: code it, load it, drop it on the Map!). Let's be honest: what more could you ask for?

A lot of work still needs to be done. Patience, my pretties.

SyncHack is currently over 650KB of source code (not counting ANSIs & data).

Playing SyncHack:

The following BBSes are part of the SyncHack closed beta:

Register for an account on any of these BBSes to play SyncHack.


The best way for 'live' contact is IRC (art, #synchack, irc.bbs-scene.org). I'm generally online all the time, AFK. Drop me a note and stick around for a response.

For anything else, see the last line of this page for details.


Thanks to the following people: without their contributions, SyncHack as we know it today would not be possible.

  • knocturnal: logos (knocturnal1.ans, knocturnal2.ans), items (#601 "Towel") advice & suggestions.
  • mcmlxxix: JSON multinode libraries (see FAQ #Q014), advice, bug squashing & much more. THe BROKeN BuBBLe.
  • xane: items (#602 "Die Charm", #603 "Pool Noodle").

The artists have kindly contributed their artwork for this project, and to protect them, all rights pertaining to each artwork are reserved by the artist(s). They have agreed to allow their artwork to be displayed and used, UNMODIFIED, as part of SyncHack ONLY. Please contact the individual author(s) to discuss using their artwork.

Personal note:

SyncHack is dedicated to A.D.P.: rest in peace; I wish we had had more time, sir.

Comments? Want to help? Please contact me on fatcats, or e-mail: art, at fat cats bbs, dot com.