SyncHack Older News & Screenshots

Note: most of these screenshots are out of date. I'd rather be coding than taking screenshots, nae?

3 Jul 2012: Feats are here! Feats are based on your Essence skill points (the eight bars). As of today, you can buy the ones listed below, in the Shop. As always, the rules and costs, etc, are subject to balancing (FIR-CST-BAL is a little bit over the top at the moment).

Feats now available:
  TEC-TRP-SPI  Sets up a spike trap, dealing (Lvl + 1dLvl + DEX) x cur(TEC) damage. Cost: 1 TEC.
  FIR-CST-BAL  Casts ball of fire at your victim, dealing (Lvl + FIR + BLK) x FIR damage. Cost: 2 FIR.
  WTE-HLT-BZG  Heals you, recovering HP at: (WTE + INT) x (10 + Lvl). Cost: 1 WTE.          

Players now can use the chest in town (yellow 'c') to store and retrieve items. This is to facilitate upcoming weight limits, to prevent hoarding.

Shops now have shopkeeping functions, allowing administrators to remove items from stock without having to edit the JSON DB file manually (i.e., no more restart required--update stock in-game).

22 Mar 2012: Site hosting the CHANGELOG is dead--long live the text CHANGELOG! Annoying multinode refresh bugs around dropping and getting items fixed.

A reminder that the shop is now open: peruse, buy and sell wares:

31 Jan 2012: An Essences points system is in early works. I've been hammering out the idea together with Knocturnal. A very early preview of the new status bars:

The new HP & Essences status bars, at 80x42

25 Jan 2012: Added Xane's "Die Charm" and "Pool Noodle" contributed items--thanks! Equipment is now persistent: no need to re-equip each time you join. Early combat system is in the works and live if you want to try it: needs balancing.

21 Jan 2012: The first community-contributed HObject, a towel, has been added. Thanks to knocturnal for the ANSI and towel specification. Here is an early revision of the HObject in-game:

The mysterious service crashes afflicting SyncHack should now be resolved. This was a major show-stopper. With its resolution, SyncHack should be able to run as a service, indefinitely. We'll see... (you can too, with '/uptime').

20 Jan 2012: Testing various screen resolutions. Anything larger than 80x24 should now be supported. SyncHack will not render horizontally across the entire width of the terminal, for speed. In short it means you can have large vertical views; horizontal width is always fixed. See below.

80x50 action, bitchez!

14 Jan 2012: An Achievements system has been coded. A few Achievements are now available, use the slash command "/achieve" for more information.

12 Jan 2012: A RFA (request for artwork) has been released. Please submit any ANSI artwork you can for this scene-worthy cause! :)

15 Dec 2011: Just in time for Christmas, the first quest, wtf island, is now available in SyncHack! Please use the slash command "/quest" (or "/quests") to display available quests. I invite you all to try to solve this, and provide me with some feedback--it's not terribly difficult, I'm afraid. Consider it a technical demonstration.

v0.5a7: Integrated with Conch, a Quake-style console shell, with virtual filesystem. Users now have /home/user directory. See my Conch project page for details. Lots of improvements to background code, usual rounds of bug squashing.

v0.5a6: Persistent, multinode objects. Screenshot: examining and interacting with items.

v0.5a4-3: Multinode action!

Screenshots from the Dark Ages

These shots were taken many moons ago during the dark development days.

Users navigate to the various areas of the BBS with a 2D top-down rogue-like interface.

The Fatcats Town Hall.

Provide an interesting, graphical world to represent the uniqueness of your BBS. Nothing says custom pimped like tree.

External doors section. The right pane provides a place to display additional information and graphics as users enter actionable areas on the map.

Chillin' at the local fishing hole.

At the entrance to the Message Hut.

The Message Hut popup.

The mail box.

On the less-travelled path. Amazing ASCII/ANSI graphics means your callers see the town in fully rendered, high resolution 3D. Ok, that was a lie.

The map is larger than the screen - viewports are used to scroll as the user moves around the world; you can have a map as large as practicable/you want. We are on the eastern edge of a map here.

Cauldron of QWK.

Fatcats National Time Bank.

Areas currently being developed, showing an "under construction" toast if users try to access it.

Mysterioso Tower: how did I get in there? Advanced black magic mugu power such as teleportation makes SyncHack almost as realistic as real life imagination!